My mother was diagnosed with stage-four colon cancer.  I needed a system that would allow me to track her care, medications, and insurance information with the multitude of doctors. Each doctor wanted me to be able to detail the type of chemo, the amount of radiation, and a plethora of other details that would have made it impossible to remember had it not been for this system.  Beyond this very specific immediate need the system became beneficial in allowing us to plan her end-of-life decisions and financial affairs.

It’s Amazingly Affordable To Ensure Security For Your Loved Ones

The things that happen during a family emergency are things you never really think about until it’s too late.  Here are a few options that will allow you to ensure everything will be alright:

1. Encrypeted Thumb Drive – $79.99
2. CD-ROM – $69.99
3. Two Hour Seminar – $149.99 Per Person

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