Travel Preparedness: What to Pack to Survive a Natural Disaster

This website continues to search for relevant information to support personal preparedness so that our readers can have as much information as possible to be resilient in the face of any disaster or disruptive event coming into their lives.

It is with this is mind, that we suggest reading a fairly recent article written by Joan Goodchild, Senior Editor, CSO and posted on the CSO website and entitled, ” Travel Security: What to Pack to Survive a Natural Disaster“.

Much of this information in this article is focused on individual preparedness requirements, but fully recognizing that in some cases that individual is traveling not just for personal recreation travel but also for business travel purposes.

If any of our readers have other information to share with us, please let us know and we will be happy to post that information on this website for you.  Also if you have any comments or personal experiences to share on this topic, please comment below.

Click here to read Joan Goodchild’s full article on travel security preparedness.  You may also want to include this information in the library of reading or reference that might be included in your personal preparedness emergency plan for you and your family.

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