Personal Preparedness and the Potential NDM-1 Threat

Several of our readers have recently asked about any updates concerning the global spread of a drug-resistant bacterial gene called NDM-1 (or New Delhi metallo-beta-lactamase) — our staff suggests viewing the Homeland Security NewsWire website to keep current on this issue.

We also suggest that this information be passed along to those personal preparedness, business continuity or disaster recovery planning team members in your organization.

While some of the organizational risk management issues along with the preparedness training for individuals and families involving NDM-1 appear to be a mid-term to long term risk, vigilance about and around this issue is recommended.

Click Here to read several postings about the NDM-1 drug-resistant bacterial gene and also give your BC/DR planning team a future reading reference resource on this potential NDM-1 organizational and personal threat.

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