Personal Preparedness and the CDC

As part of our ongoing efforts to deliver relevant information about personal preparedness and its importance in supporting a more resilient organization, we want to introduce the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website to our readership.  Our staff believes that the more you are informed about public health emergencies, preparedness and reaction strategies, the more you will be able to support your personal continuity goals and thus the more ready you will be to fulfill your duties and responsibilities  in your organization.

The objective of the CDC website is to increase the nation’s ab’lity to prepare for and respond to public health emergencies. This website is a great online resource to do that — it is also an informative resource you can trust as coming from a credible source, and, a valuable component in building your own unique platform for personal continuity.

The possibility of public health emergencies arising in the United States concerns many people and organizations — given the occurrences of recent hurricanes, tsunamis, acts of terrorism, and the threat of pandemic influenza. Though some people and organizations may feel it is impossible to be prepared for unexpected events, the truth is that taking preparedness actions helps people and organizations deal with disasters of all sorts much more effectively when they do occur.

To better understand the changes in preparedness that have occurred over the last several years, we suggest viewing the CDC’s short video clip entitled, “A New Era of Preparedness”.   Click here to view the short and informative 5 minute video…

Please bookmark the CDC website homepage  on preparedness for future reference and add it to the library list of resources for your crisis management, personal preparedness, 1st responders and disaster preparedness team members in your organization.

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