A recent report titled “The Disaster Decade – Lessons Unlearned for the United States” and sponsored by the Save the Children organization shows how those cited disasters changed America and the world forever.   

Even more importantly, however, the “Save the Children” organization found that in the U.S:

(1) only 14% of those states meet all four basic emergency preparedness standards for licensed child care facilities and K-12 schools,

(2) only 41% require all licensed child care facilities to have a written evacuation and relocation plan,

(3) 29% require all licensed child care facilities to have a written plan to notify parents during an emergency, and

(4) 22% require a written plan for accommodating all children with special needs during an emergency evacuation and relocation. 

online casino Read this report to see even more evidence in its findings as well as a path to follow and actions to take to reverse the fact that kids are all too often invisible during disaster relief efforts. 

Save the Children’s U.S. Programs runs one of the most innovative and robust private disaster programs for children in the United States. Our teams are on the ground before, during and after major events to ensure the safety and well-being of children in shelters, as well as recovery for the local communities. We also advocate for policy changes at the local, state and federal level.

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