Help Kids Prepare for Disaster

Some of our readers have asked for more information regarding how to go about preparing their children for disasters and other kinds of surprises.

To honor that request, our staff recommends viewing the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) website entitled FEMA Ready Kids.

We certainly agree that while unexpected things can happen to a family, kids should not be left out of the process of having the family get ready for any emergency.

On the site – www.ready.gov/kids – youngsters discover that disasters come in many shapes and sizes. Some, like a hurricane, are predictable. Others may not be so predictable. Finding out about different kinds of disasters helps everyone in the family to become better prepared.

Each step of the process for preparedness includes games and other activities designed to give kids a fun way to learn how to create a disaster kit, what they might feel during and after an incident, and how to keep themselves and their families safe.

Please share your experiences with this website with our readership, and, if you have any other recommendations to help the entire family be better prepared for emergencies, please pass that information along as well.

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