By: Sally Smoczynski, Contributing Writer and Editor

I recently received the renewal card for my license plates from the State of Illinois.  I noticed a special boxed section that asked me to join the Emergency Contact Database.  I went to the website, http://www.cyberdriveillinois.com/ and found the link easily.

The Emergency Contact Database provides law enforcement officers emergency contact information in the event of an accident where I am not able to provide feedback.  This is a wonderful option to ensure that my emergency contact can be notified timely.  You have the option to input two contacts.

The form is simple and specific.  The disclaimer, seen below, details how this data will be used.  There is also a helpful link for Frequently Asked Questions.

I encourage all our Illinois readers to sign up for this extra piece of mind.  If you are not from Illinois, check out your own State’s Drivers website for possible options.

Disclaimer found in the Emergency Contact Database:

“I understand if I choose to provide emergency contact or disability/special needs information, I am hereby authorizing the Secretary of State to disclose that information to law enforcement officers, who may release it to public safety workers on scene at a motor vehicle accident or other emergency situation, as needed to conduct official law enforcement duties. It is the responsibility of the holder of the driver's license, instruction permit, temporary visitor's driver's license and/or identification card to enter accurate data in the required fields, as well as to update contact data, disability or special need data, should any data change after initial enrollment. The Secretary of State assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the data entered by the holder of a driver's license (including commercial driver's license), instruction permit, temporary visitor's driver's license and/or identification card and disclaims any liability for damages, costs, and/or expenses, including, without limitation, consequential damages, arising or resulting from disclosure of data, any inaccurate data or failure to update data.” casino en ligne francais

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