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Preparedness Fast Facts

Get the facts you need — before, during, and after a disaster or emergency situation. 

As the nation’s preeminent preparedness and safety training organization, the American Red Cross developed a lengthy list of emergency-specific checklists using the latest research, science, best practices and available expert opinion offerings.

Click here to view the full list of available topics which are most appropriate in your own area and can be printed or ordered in quantity to be distributed to your family or your community.  Help improve the personal preparedness levels of your family and your community.



Government Agencies, Municipalities and Emergency Services use Nixle not only as an emergency alert system but also to communicate other important events to their residents, such as:

Road closures or detours

School closings

Community events such as festivals




Once again, Nixle is free for citizens and consumers, so click here to learn more about and how to join your local Nixle system.

Please pass this personal preparedness information along to family and friends in your local communities. pokies on line


By: Sally Smoczynski, Contributing Writer and Editor

I recently received the renewal card for my license plates from the State of Illinois.  I noticed a special boxed section that asked me to join the Emergency Contact Database.  I went to the website, http://www.cyberdriveillinois.com/ and found the link easily.

The Emergency Contact Database provides law enforcement officers emergency contact information in the event of an accident where I am not able to provide feedback.  This is a wonderful option to ensure that my emergency contact can be notified timely.  You have the option to input two contacts.

The form is simple and specific.  The disclaimer, seen below, details how this data will be used.  There is also a helpful link for Frequently Asked Questions.

I encourage all our Illinois readers to sign up for this extra piece of mind.  If you are not from Illinois, check out your own State’s Drivers website for possible options.

Disclaimer found in the Emergency Contact Database:

“I understand if I choose to provide emergency contact or disability/special needs information, I am hereby authorizing the Secretary of State to disclose that information to law enforcement officers, who may release it to public safety workers on scene at a motor vehicle accident or other emergency situation, as needed to conduct official law enforcement duties. It is the responsibility of the holder of the driver's license, instruction permit, temporary visitor's driver's license and/or identification card to enter accurate data in the required fields, as well as to update contact data, disability or special need data, should any data change after initial enrollment. The Secretary of State assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the data entered by the holder of a driver's license (including commercial driver's license), instruction permit, temporary visitor's driver's license and/or identification card and disclaims any liability for damages, costs, and/or expenses, including, without limitation, consequential damages, arising or resulting from disclosure of data, any inaccurate data or failure to update data.” casino en ligne francais


With many communities throughout the nation facing threats of spring flooding, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) are once again joining forces to commemorate Flood Safety Awareness Week March 14 – 18.

There are three steps that every individual can take now, to better prepare themselves and their families: 

1. Get a kit,

2. Make a plan, and

3.  Be informed about your flood risk.

Click here to learn more of what you can do to mitigate this threat against you and your family. casino on line


The Earthquake Country Alliance and Home Depot have teamed up to offer a free earthquake preparedness exercise for you to learn more about earthquakes and what you can do to better protect yourself, your family and your community whenever faced with an earthquake.

Click here to play “Beat the Quake” — a game that will help you make your home a safe space during an earthquake.

Click here  to take a “Quake Quiz” and test your knowledge about earthquakes.

Click here to register for the 2011 Shake Out on April 28, 2011. online casino bonuser


Category:  Personal Preparedness

Very soon it may be possible for a family — planning to drive from Chicago to Disney World in Orlando — to log onto a website to see which roads have the highest rates of traffic deaths and serious injuries, and, which are rated highest based on their engineering features to promote traveler’s safety. 

Click here
 to read an article by Larry Copeland, posted on the USAToday.com website, and talking about a project by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety where they are working with eight states in a pilot program to map the safest roads within those states.


A recent report titled “The Disaster Decade – Lessons Unlearned for the United States” and sponsored by the Save the Children organization shows how those cited disasters changed America and the world forever.   

Even more importantly, however, the “Save the Children” organization found that in the U.S:

(1) only 14% of those states meet all four basic emergency preparedness standards for licensed child care facilities and K-12 schools,

(2) only 41% require all licensed child care facilities to have a written evacuation and relocation plan,

(3) 29% require all licensed child care facilities to have a written plan to notify parents during an emergency, and

(4) 22% require a written plan for accommodating all children with special needs during an emergency evacuation and relocation. 

online casino Read this report to see even more evidence in its findings as well as a path to follow and actions to take to reverse the fact that kids are all too often invisible during disaster relief efforts. 

Save the Children’s U.S. Programs runs one of the most innovative and robust private disaster programs for children in the United States. Our teams are on the ground before, during and after major events to ensure the safety and well-being of children in shelters, as well as recovery for the local communities. We also advocate for policy changes at the local, state and federal level.


In 2010, the National Association of Child Care Resource amp; Referral Agencies (NACCRRA)  and Save the Children: Domestic Emergencies Unit began developing detailed, model child care preparedness standards to operationalize Save the Children’s policy recommendations for child care emergency preparedness and to encourage states to incorporate needed changes into their state child care center and family child care regulations. The standards provide specific guidance for state-level planners and policymakers. Separate lists of standards were developed for child care centers and family child care homes since many states have separate child care regulations for these two types of child care facilities. In addition to eight major standards for each type of child care program, sub-standards and supporting rationale were developed.

To learn more about this program, and obtain more details and information, please online casino click here to read the full report titled, “Protecting Children in Child Care during Emergencies”. 

If applicable, please pass this information along to your child’s care center or community support agency responsible for family child care regulations in your area.


In a recent article written by Elaine Pittman, and posted on the Emergency Management’s online magazine website, you can read all about the work that Girl Scouts are doing to be “Prepared not Scared”.

Be sure to watch the embedded video for more details and information.

online casino Click here to read Ms. Pittman’s full article and pass this personal preparedness information along to family and friends in your community.

It’s Amazingly Affordable To Ensure Security For Your Loved Ones

The things that happen during a family emergency are things you never really think about until it’s too late.  Here are a few options that will allow you to ensure everything will be alright:

1. Encrypeted Thumb Drive – $79.99
2. CD-ROM – $69.99
3. Two Hour Seminar – $149.99 Per Person

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