“Catastrophe Impact Calculator” Recently Udated

Recently, Don Byrne, one of this website’s major contributing writers, found an interesting posting on the BBC NEWS Science and Environment website, written by Jonathan Amos, Science correspondent, BBC News, and which talks about a recent update made to an original “impacts effects calculator” first released to the public in 2004.   

Our staff agrees that this story might be of interest to many of our readers who might have an interest in this potential personal preparedness topic.  However, we also state that this exercise in preparedness must always be considered under a calculation of relevant probabilities and put into a perspective of a priorities planning process in any crisis or emergency management plan for any individual (or organization for that matter).

Based on the belief that impacts from space are a topic of fascination in both the general public and the scientific research field, scientists at Purdue University and Imperial College in London have released this new version of the original “impacts effects calculator” and its new title is “Impact: Earth!”

Once you enter some hypothetical information about the imposing impact element into this program, the program then estimates the scale of the ensuing disaster, such as the size of the crater left behind, and, how far away you need to be to avoid being buried by all of the material thrown out by the blast or being set on fire.  The updated program also incorporates some additional impact effects, such as the tsunami wave height from an ocean impact or collision.

This updated tool was devised by Purdue’s Professor Jay Melosh and his colleagues; it is underpinned by scientifically accurate equations, and regularly linked to as an educational tool by many governmental organizations and scientific institutions.

 You can view and download this interesting tool when you CLICK HERE, and, if you want to read more about this information in the posting by Jonathan Amos, then please CLICK HERE.

If you found this information interesting, please pass it along to others who share your interest in personal disaster preparedness or disaster recovery planning activities.

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