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Personal Recovery Professional™ Software

Personal Recovery Concepts’ products are based on 10 years of research and benchmark more than 11 national agencies dedicated to
specific forms of emergencies. Our Complete Solution guides you in developing a highly personalized plan quickly and easily.

Available on CD or Thumb Drive

The foundation of the Complete Solution is its easy-to-use Personal Recovery Professional™ software that leads individuals to centrally document and store key information in five areas:

    • personal plan protection softwarepersonal
    • financial
    • emergency
    • household
    • legal

In doing so, individuals and families are able to quickly locate and recover critical information required following a wide array of unexpected events.

Interactive Participation e-Workshop™

The Interactive e-Workshop addresses those emergencies, from catastrophic natural disasters to those most commonly faced by Americans every day, such as

  • home fires
  • identity theft
  • elder care

The program walks an individual through collecting the appropriate information – at a zip-code level – for planning, responding to and recovering from these emergencies.

The workshop points you back to the Personal Recovery Professional™ software to document the information that comprises your emergency plan.

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It’s Amazingly Affordable To Ensure Security For Your Loved Ones

The things that happen during a family emergency are things you never really think about until it’s too late.  Here are a few options that will allow you to ensure everything will be alright:

1. Encrypeted Thumb Drive – $79.99
2. CD-ROM – $69.99
3. Two Hour Seminar – $149.99 Per Person

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